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Anne Marijn Voorhorst (1992, NL) is a poet, writer of prose and art criticism, researcher and editor at Dutch literary magazine DIG. Alongside this, she makes drawings and is part of a DJ duo. In 2014, she obtained the BA degree Image & Language (Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam) and in 2020 the MA English Literature in a Visual Culture (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam).

In her poetry, she evokes ordinary as well as supernatural and artificial spaces and atmospheres. She explores themes of physicality, illness, labour and gender in relation to capitalist architecture and draws inspiration from graffiti, gothic horror, folk tales and sci-fi cinema.

Currently, she is writing her debut collection about shopping malls and department stores.

She regularly collaborates with visual artists, including Minne Kersten, Dan Walwin and Charlott Weise.

In 2021, she was a writer-in-residence in Paris (organised by deBuren & the Biermans-Lapôtre Foundation). In 2023, she received a grant through the Dutch Foundation for Literature’s ‘Impulse scheme for starting literary creators’.

Her poetry was published in Dutch and Flemish literary magazines such as nY, Kluger Hans, Deus Ex Machina, Samplekanon, DIG and in several artist publications. Reviews, interviews and articles on contemporary art were published by Metropolis M and Tubelight.

She performed her poetry and stories at Perdu (Amsterdam), Atelier Néerlandais (Paris), Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam), De Markten (Brussels) and Viernulvier (Ghent).

Anne Marijn lives and works in Amsterdam and can often be found in Brussels and Paris.

Poetry the dreams have arrived and Presence and I | published in *ghosts don’t like new things, accompanying Minne Kersten’s solo show at Atelier Néerlandais (Paris, FR) | artworks by Minne Kersten and texts by Maria Barnas, Won Jin Choi, Georgia Renee-Worms | concept by Minne Kersten, graphic design by Rudy Guedj | 2023

Prose Some ruin | fictive exhibition text published in the hand-out accompanying Dan Walwin’s solo Relief | PLATO Ostrava (CZ) | graphic design by Virginie Gauthier | 2023

Poetry and visuals Transplantaties | published by DIG as part of the Cringe dossier | 2023

Poetry Westfield Forum and Aan de rand van het plein is een revolutie in skincare uitgebroken | published by Samplekanon | 2022

Prose Tot uw dienst / At Your Service / A votre service | published by De Lage Landen, The Low Countries and Les Plat Pays | translated by Laura Vroomen and Noëlle Michel | 2021

Correspondence Ver weg van veel with Miek Zwamborn | published by Metropolis M | 2019

Prose Overlooking | as part of the artist publication House of Stories | with texts by Carina Erdmann, Sarah Arnolds, Maurits de Bruijn, Revka Bijl, Caren Beilin, David Bernstein, Nicolina Eklund, Alexandra Karpilovski, Olga Terre, Daniel Vorthuys, Garrett Nelso | concept by Carina Erdmann | 2017

Poetry ?! | as part of Charlott Weise’s exhibition Take Me Away / Leva-me para longe | A Maior, Viseu (PT) | concept by Bruno Zhu | 2017

Prose and art criticism | >6 accounts and reviews of work by artists-in-residence at Kunsthuis SYB | Müge Yilmaz, Toon Fibbe and Laura Wiedijk, Miek Zwamborn and Yeb Wiersma, Edward Clydesdale Thomson, Sjoerd Westbroek and Frans-Willem Korsten | 2015-1017

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  • Readings & performances
  • Research & projects on gothic horror | the body and illness | (the symbolism surrounding and bodily experience of) architecture | cinema | folk tales | natural phenomenons | dialects and multilingualism | and more
  • Danceable DJ sessions

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